Time flies and here we are, already half way through January 2017. It’s amazing how resilient we are as the human race. They were so accurate when they named us the human RACE. Racing is what we seem to do best. It seems rare to find someone that is not racing thru life. Lucky for us Designers, we seem to be well suited for this, there’s nothing like a challenging deadline to keep us moving.

Yet in this, what often seems to be a crazy busy professional world, you all seem to find time for ASID. Thank you for taking time to read this letter. But more importantly, THANK YOU for continuing to be a vital part of ASID. We are all stronger because you all believe in yourselves and improving your professional status, skills and collaborating with your colleagues to stay sharp.

This quarter our focus is on Professionalism. It seems to be a good idea to frequently take the time to refresh our skills and refocus on improving our product. It could be as simple as, updating our wardrobe, improving our online presence, expanding our technical skills or even just be encouraged. Occasionally we all need to take a breather, regroup and make a few adjustments.

Our resilience has been tested with the recent loss of our showcase home tour. All our planning and hard work will now be postponed until next year with another house. The discovery of an unfortunate misunderstanding brought the project to an end in early January. On behalf of the board I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Steering committee headed up by Jeanne Brown with Wendy Grumet, Carol Spong, Martin Lopez, Lynn Morris, Megan Siason, Rachel Farrior Cooney and our beneficiary, The Rady’s Auxiliary with President Mary Raymond and her team, for all the hours and months spend on diligent, focused planning. Without a doubt, this would have been a phenomenally successful endeavor. Plan to join us at the Feb 1st meeting as we celebrate our designers and their amazing vision for each space. The designers, their concept boards and photos of the existing spaces will be on display.

Here is the lineup of events for Winter Quarter.

• January - meeting moved to Feb 1st - Showcase Close-out, celebrating our showcase designers and getting a Pep talk from former NFL player Duane Coleman at Outrageous Rugs.

• February - Next we’ll take a break in the Dessert Sun with our first organized Trip to Modernism week in Palm Springs.

• March - Michael Moore will motivate us and Marlene Holmquist will inspire us at Resource Floors Showroom.

Watch for the weekly ASID San Diego E-news with detailed information on each of these events. The website will also be updated with the event information and sign up links.

Please take advantage of these opportunities to collaborate with your colleagues. Because we are such a unique bunch it takes another contemporary to relate to the excitement of winning an award or the feeling that comes after completing a project. The same can be said of the compassion a designer can share with another on a difficult experience. In these ways we all need each other.

Thanks for running a good race alongside the rest of us.
Yours Truly,

CEO President Brion Design, Inc.
President California San Diego Chapter of American Society of Interior Designers 2016-2017