Board Elections

The ASID San Diego Nominating Committee wishes to introduce the Slate of Candidates for election to office for the ASID San Diego Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers for their respective terms beginning October 1, 2021.

These nominees, committed and dedicated, are ready to take on a position of service, leadership for the chapter members, and the profession of interior design.

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, thank you for your attention and for taking the time to vote for your fellow members who will lead us in the upcoming ASID year.

Bertha Hernandez, Allied ASID, BSME, CAPS (Chair)

Martin Epstein, Tazz Lighting 

Laura Kincade, HNK Design

Arnaz Khambatta, Good Deeds Design 


Additional candidates for the above positions may be nominated through a written petition.  The petition must be signed by not less than 10% of the total Practitioner (Professional, Allied, and Associate) and Industry Partner members of the Chapter in good standing.  The petition must be received by the Chapter Administrator no later than thirty (30) days after the names of the candidates are posted. The candidates on the written petition must meet minimum eligibility requirements to hold the office for which they are being petitioned. These requirements are:

Officers: Chapter President-elect candidate eligibility requirements include:

          Members with the appellation of ASID or Allied ASID and;

            Must have served on the chapter board within the last 10 years, or

            Must have served as a committee chair for two years within the last 10 years.

             or be approved by Special Dispensation by the Chapter Support Team.

Directors: Members in good standing with the appellation of ASID, Allied ASID, or Industry Partner members, in good standing, are eligible for director positions.


Ballots will be e-mailed on March 15th, 2021 to the Chapter’s  Professional, Allied, Educator, Associate, and Industry Partner members in good standing. Members must return ballots within 10 days (by March 25th).  If you prefer to receive a printed ballot, the Administrator will need to be notified by March 15th. Contact JoEllen Graber via email at or phone 858-566-3345

Official election results will be announced no later than March 1, 2021.

Please forward any questions you may have about the nominating process to Bertha Hernandez, Allied ASID, BSME Nominating Committee Chair, at


President-Elect                                              Wendy Grumet, ASID

Communications Director                            Nicole Perez

Professional Development Director            Einat Hannah

Financial Director                                          M. Danielle Gallegos, Allied ASID


Wendy Grumet



B.A. UC-Berkley
Long Beach Design Institute


Livesay-Grumet and Associates

ASID Activities
Fundraising Committees
Showcase Chair
Board Member
President 96-97

Honors/Awards and Publications
ASID Design Excellence Awards
Published in: Union-Tribune, San Diego Home and Garden Magazine, and National Magazine
Ethel Siegelman Award
Woman of Dedication-San Diego


If selected as a chapter leader, what key goals would you set and how would you propose achieving those goals?

We have many very talented and creative Interior Designers who are members of
ASID San Diego.  One goal would be to encourage the Allied Members to reach their highest potential by sitting for and passing the NCIDQ exam and become 'Professional Members.  Another goal is to encourage our Chapter to have relevant educational meetings and CEUs that are not only inspiring but, help members maintain the best business practices.  The third goal is to encourage member enthusiasm, show ways that they can showcase their work and network, and be actively involved with our San Diego Chapter.



Director of Communications

Nicole Perez


University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA — Business Management B.S, (2019)


Bang & Olufsen La Jolla

ASID Activities

February and March North County Community Circle
March 2021 San Diego Chapter meeting presentation

Honors/Awards and Publications


If selected as a chapter leader, what key goals would you set and how would you propose achieving those goals?

One key goal I would set is to increase engagement within the community. This
would include more interactions and dialogue between members on platforms like
Facebook and Instagram. Creating monthly content that promotes discussion and
collaboration. Providing useful tips and tricks for emerging and seasoned professionals
would create further value of the membership fee. Having spent a year in a pandemic, I
find it critical to keep the morale of the community lively and strong!


Director of Professional Development

 Einat Hannah



Assoc. Arch. Tel Aviv College , Israel
Interior Design. UCLA Extension.


Founder at Art Z Design Studio

ASID Activities

Allied ASID

Honors/Awards and Publications

2018 NKBA Star Design award - Best large kitchen 2019 NKBA Star Design award - Best large kitchen Costal magazine - coloring your world , December 2019

If selected as a chapter leader, what key goals would you set and how would you propose achieving those goals?
I believe that our work as designers makes a huge impact on people lives. Focusing on continued education, ;earning what is new and sharing our knowledge and our experiences can contribute to all ASID members. Our members can evolve their businesses and by promoting and advocating we can increae the awareness of the interior design profession.