Letter from the President - November 2019

Dear ASID Members,                            

Since 1975, ASID San Diego has been making its mark on the San Diego region.  Now, in 2019-2020 it is an honor and a privilege to lead the way as your president. My goal is to bring our members together by fostering a sense of community, creating opportunities that benefit you, and taking ASID to the public. We are investing in new possibilities while keeping in place what already works. By showing courage and making prudent changes, our chapter will continue to flourish. 

Your new leadership team wants to answer the pressing question of, “What does ASID do for me?” You’ve been asking that for a while now and you deserve an answer. For the past year, I have been speaking with members to get real insight on the pulse of our chapter. What I hear from you is that you want to be informed in a timely manner and want more relevant events and programs throughout the county that bring us together and help you and your business thrive. The team has been meeting for months now to brainstorm, network, and program a fantastic year, filled with informative meetings on a fun-filled, member-engagement platform, for YOUR benefit!

We love the idea of meeting up with other organizations at events that unite us. Colormix is our favorite thing to do in October, so we were there. I had a chance to speak to the audience of over 200 guests about the wonderful things we have planned for the chapter with a full 2020 calendar for all of our members and also debuted our new Sponsorship Package for IPs to participate. That alone inspired some members to offer to volunteer and non-members to join our chapter, including new IP, and now 2019-2020 Chapter Photographer, Aaron Dominguez of Mino Pro Media. Thank you Aaron, we are excited to have you onboard.  

There is so much coming your way and we are excited to share it with you through our weekly email blasts. For example, would you like to be featured in an article as a subject-matter expert? Great, contact the office and get on the list. We know Calendar Cards are important to you, so they’re back and available at every chapter event and online. You can check the website under “EVENTS” to see the list of activities scheduled through December 2020!  Did you know, Business First Fridays are back? They are, so sign up! IPs do you want to exhibit at the IP Expo in March? Designers do you want to participate in the Kitchen, Bath, & More Tour in April? Fantastic! We are now accepting applications.

Finally…yes, we are moving the office to downtown, putting our ASID flag up for the public to see and  launching ASID TV—our social media marketing campaign that promotes the chapter and our members to the public through paid advertising. We are developing a volunteer program that rewards you by promoting your business in appreciation of your generosity to the chapter. ASID is also featuring you to the public with the “Meet the Experts” series where you will be showcased in various forums around town speaking on the value of interior design. Make sure you sign up to participate.

There are nearly 700 members in the chapter!  We are excited to build a solid partnership with each and every one of you. You are the strength of the chapter and we are eager to celebrate ASID San Diego with you…Join us! You’ll be glad you did!


Warmest Regards,

President, ASID San Diego 2019-2020