Incoming Letter from the President 2021

Greetings ASID San Diego,

Wow, we’ve had quite the collective experiences this last chapter of our lives and although it’s not over, it’s certainly hopeful. I hope that our community of like-minded design-enthusiasts can reflect on the past year this ASID Chapter has had and continue the positive momentum. We’ve done well, so well in fact that we’ve received praise for our Chapter’s successes and community involvement by those who have a perspective of National Chapter analysis. That’s amazing!

We are a community of natural leaders so let’s keep on leading the pack. Please join me this year for a little bit of the following:

  • Provide learning platforms for WELL & Sustainability and NCIDQ Prep / Exam Awareness
  • Industry Partners and Designers community togetherness by lifting-up and supporting where it’s needed
  • Rising-up to “Cultivate Compassion” by intentionally recognizing, including, and conversing with aspects of our industry that has gone overlooked and underrepresented
  • Fostering mentorship opportunities to our emerging professionals having just gone through 3 semesters of online learning
  • Working to provide opportunities for members to have a platform to help stop the homelessness crisis in our community

I ask you to find time to join me this year, even if only in a small way, to tap into your superpower. Let’s have fun, gather, and celebrate all that we have accomplished and sweat together towards our dreams of the future. The rest of the ASID San Diego Chapter Board of Directors and I look forward to meeting new faces and inspiring young minds to achieve greatness, changing lives, and fostering future volunteer leaders.

Your partner in success,

Shannon Rice, ASID
President, ASID San Diego 2021-2022