Students Apply Now for SRB and Join Us In Atlanta!


Students it's that time again for the 2019-2020 Student Representative to the Board Nominations!
Looking for a prestigious opportunity? You could hold the highest student leadership position held at ASID.

Savvy up your experience, work with design professionals and be part of ASID, where design impacts lives.
Join us at the Leadership Experience in Atlanta, Georgia this June to prepare for your role. All expenses paid!

Applicants should possess the following attributes:
Show a true interest in ASID and enjoy leading the pack Be a member of the school chapter and entering the school

year as an upperclassman
Be responsible, conscientious and posses excellent

organizational and communication skills Have a question about the position?
Ask Kelly at, ASID's current and successful SRB

Download the job description and the application at the links below and then please submit your application and resume to the Director of Membership
at for consideration.

Deadline is June 5th 2019. Service will begin October 1, 2019.


SRB Job Description

SRB Application

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