Deborah Thomas Award Winners

The Deborah Thomas Award – Student Merit Award

The DEBORAH THOMAS AWARD was created in 1998 to honor ASID San Diego student members for their outstanding service to the chapter.  The award is named in honor of Deborah Thomas, ASID for her contributions to the chapter, the profession and her strong support of the student membership.  Deborah was partners with her husband, Robert McCartney, in the firm McCartney and Thomas and they did wonderful design work in San Diego County.


1997 Molly Proull

1999 Kimberley Burgess Hansen

2000 Lynn Wyndham Morris

2001 Ann Stansfield

2003 Gayle Schandendorf

2004 Suzie Anderson

2005 Lien Randle

2006 Beverly Main

2007 Heidi Hatcher

2008 Jodi Smart

2009 Joanne Leverault

2010 Petra Rupp

2011 Brooke Williams

2012 Amber Style

2013 Amanda Cosolito

2014 Hope Wortham

2015 Karyn Jacobs

2017 Chelsea Metheny