Past Presidents & Fellows

Past Presidents 

The following ASID members sit on the distinguished San Diego Council of Presidents. Their countless contributions to their respective Design Communities and the Society as a whole are deeply appreciated. The Society would not be where it is today without their dedication, generosity, expertise, and years of service to members.

Ethel Mae Siegelman, ASID, 1975

Walter Nelson, ASID, 1976

Becky Jessen, ASID, 1977

Chuck Wayland, ASID 1978

Robert E. Tuggey, ASID, 1979

Maryjo Nice Kalamon, ASID, 1980

Charlotte Jensen, FASID, 1981

Marsha Paine, ASID, 1982, 1983

Carmel Repp, ASID, 1984

Carol Brown, ASID, 1985

Christine Smith, ASID, 1986

Robert Verbeckmoes, ASID, 1987

Janine Thierry Brown, ASID, 1988

Wayne C. Kirts, ASID, 1989, 1990-1991

Sheryll A. Jackman, ASID, 1991-1992

Jan Bast, FASID, 1992-1993

Deborah Thomas, ASID, 1993-1994

Robert Wright, FASID, 1994-1995

Judith Kay Freathy, ASID, 1995-1996

Wendy Livesay Grumet, ASID, 1996-1997

Kerry A. Nelson, ASID, 1997-1998

MaryClare Brant, ASID, 1998-1999

Lynn Crosby Harland, ASID, 1999-2000

Stephanie Mathews, ASID, 2000-2001

Harold Pell, ASID, 2001-2002

Judy Hallberg, ASID, 2002-2003

Dan Stoddard, ASID, 2003-2004

Carol Spong, ASID, 2004-2005

Sandra Wagenaar, ASID, 2005-2006

Nina Closser, ASID, 2006-2007

Dale Monday Kolins, ASID, 2007-2008

Norma Byrd, ASID, 2008-2009

Tina Marie Koch, ASID, 2009-2010

Kellie McCormick, ASID, 2010-2011

Mary Kellejian, ASID,  2011-2012

Robin Wilson Carrier, ASID, 2012-2013

Kimberley B. Hansen, Allied ASID, 2013-2014

Anne Kellett, ASID 2014-2015

Natalia Trepchina-Worden, ASID 2015-2016

Lena Brion, ASID 2016-2017

Reba Lemmons, Allied ASID 2017-2018

Lindsay Hester, ASID 2018-2019

Bertha Hernandez, Allied ASID, BSME, 2019-2020 

Suzi Allen O'Brien, Allied ASID, 2020-2021

Shannon Rice, ASID, 2021-2022

Lily Robinson, ASID 2022-2023

ASID Fellows in the San Diego Chapter

Fellowship is the highest honor the Society can bestow on its members. Elevation to fellowship not only acknowledges the achievements of the designer as an individual but also recognizes before the public and the profession a model interior designer who has made a significant contribution to interior design and society.

Charlotte Jensen, FASID

Robert Wright, FASID

Jan Bast, FASID

Gail Owens, FASID