Industry Partnertship

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The ASID Industry Partners program was established to bring manufacturers and interior designers together to improve products, services and business practices and provide access to information, design education and collaboration. ASID Industry Partners and design practicers share mutual concerns, common goals and financial interdependence.

In addition, ASID Industry Partners seek to raise the professional level of the interior design practice through participation and support of research, educational programs and like activities. Through this interaction with ASID professionals, the potential exists for ASID Industry Partners to expand their knowledge of the practice of interior design and increase their share of the marketplace.

ASID San Diego’s Industry Partners
ASID San Diego is proud to have one of the strongest Industry Partner (IPs) groups throughout the country. Our IPs are actively involved with the chapter, our member interior designers and the local community.

Become an ASID Industry Partner
If you are a manufacturer or provide a service to the interior design industry, consider ASID Industry Partner membership as the first step in reaching potential customers. Your membership in ASID ensures your place in the market, allowing direct access to both commercial and residential interior designers while providing invaluable exposure of your unique products and services. Membership also includes on online web profile in ASID San Diego’s Member Center Industry Partner Search.

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