Don Marrell Award Winners

The Don Marrell Award – Industry Partner Merit Award

Don Marrel owned and operated La Jolla Lighting for over thirty years and was one of our earliest Industry Partner Members. As far back as those of us who knew him can remember, Don and his staff were always there to support our chapter and members with unparalleled generosity. Working tirelessly, he gave both time and treasure whenever called upon.. To honor his memory and acknowledge his outstanding contributions to our chapter and our industry, an award was established in his name to acknowledge other Industry Partner members, who like Don give outstanding service to our chapter and to the profession.


2001 Ben Wollman

2002 Martha Upp

2003 Lori Lipsman

2004 Art Ferber

2005 Michael Napier

2006 Martha Upp

2007 Bill Baker

2008 Mark Gauvin

2009 Standards of Excellence

2010 Don Miller

2011 Marcel Perry

2012 Clay Leaf

2013 Martin Lopez

2014 Scott Newhan

2015 Tom Houk, The Frame Maker

2017 Gary Elbert, Illuminating Interiors

2018 Molly Wardell

2020 Samantha Atlas